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Congratulations to Unit 44!


The next Basic Training begins on March 21!

Over the course of nine intense weeks, recruits will learn the discipline, character, and skills needed to serve those in need. Each recruit grows spiritually, physically, and emotionally as they were stretched to their limit and forced to rely on God for daily strength.

[Click here to learn more!]

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We are seeking young men and women, 16 years or older, to serve as Children Institute teachers in Taiwan and Hong Kong from January 17 to February 14, 2011. This is an opportunity for you to be part of a team whose goal is to be used by the Lord Jesus to reach children with the Gospel. In the process, you will also be able to gain excellent teaching experience as well.

Application Deadline: December 15, 2010

For more information and to fill out an application, visit Global Encounters at!

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Journey to the Heart

Dear ATI families,Journey to the Heart

These are the final 2010 dates for the Journey to the Heart!


  • October 9-19, 2010
    (Young Men) Apply >>
  • October 23 – November 2, 2010
    (Young Ladies) Apply >>


“For the first time in my life I experienced God. God is alive! He is real. I felt the power of His Spirit that week. We would pray for hours, crying out to God, and it would only feel like a few minutes. It was the most beautiful experience of my life, and one that I will never forget.

Journey to the Heart It was on my Journey to the Heart that I learned how to have a personal relationship with God. You cannot experience the power of the Christian life until you lay aside and choose to remove anything and everything from your life that will hinder you from serving God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. Choose to be rid of the things of this world. Choose to be surrendered to the Lord, and the power of Jesus will be made evident in your life.

For the very first time in my life, I had hope, hope for the future and hope for my life. I now had something to live for.

I am not telling you that the moment I found God, that my life fell into place, that I never had struggle again. Jesus says, “Take up your cross daily”. It is a personal choice for me, everyday to surrender my will to God and trust Him. I struggled for many months with surrendering everything to God; I struggled with bitterness toward the ones that had hurt me, especially the young man that I had left behind.

It has now been over a year since I first stepped on the plane to Chicago. I can say with all sincerity that God has given me freedom from my past. My desire is to know God, and in doing so, lead as many as possible to Him.” ~ Olivia

Journey to the Heart “Before I went on the Journey, I was having a hard time reading the Bible. It was really becoming boring, and I was not enjoying it. When I went to the Journey, I learned about not just reading the Bible, but really meditating on it, and asking God to show me what it means.

When I read about having an “enlarged heart” (see Psalm 119:32), I realized that in order to have my heart enlarged I must fill it with things of the Lord, one of them being His Word. When I came home I decided to read the book of John, even though I have read it before. I wanted to get my love for reading the Word back into my heart. I also decided to start memorizing the Psalms, and have actually really enjoyed it. It is a challenge that helps me want to stay in the Bible, and meditate on it!” ~ Carleigh

When Henry heard the message on Exposing the Lies of the Enemy by Paul and Jenny Speed while on the Journey, he realized that a painful memory from the past had triggered a lie that was controlling his life. Click here to hear his (and other’s) audio testimony!

For more testimonies and information, visit our blog: Living the Journey

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Do you want to make a mark in the world of the internet?
Even students with no previous web development experience should consider attending Web Design I & II from October 12-22. These courses will be taught by Richard Ritchie, 10-year director of the Computer Education Department at the Indianapolis Training Center. You will gain training in biblical wisdom while learning the fundamentals of web development. After this course, you will be ready to communicate your message to the world through your website!

  • Web Design I
    October 12–16, 2010
  • Web Design II
    October 18–22, 2010
Class Descriptions:

Web Design I

Master simple but effective web building techniques as you learn how to hand code XHTML and CSS with free text editors, such as Notepad® and Scintilla® . This practical training will demystify HTML, introduce CSS, and facilitate user-friendly navigation. In one week, you can go from web-language-illiterate to finishing a basic site!


Web Design II

This course builds on Web Site Design I, with intermediate web site design techniques for web authoring, CSS, graphic design, and image editing. Students familiar with basic website design will benefit from additional training with Adobe Dreamweaver® and free text editors. Learn to design web graphics, and get an introduction to PHP. Practice developing dynamic websites that include user-filled forms, database integration, and adjustable page templates.

Visit Verity Institute’s website for more details about the courses and to register online. {link to}

jlovette "As an aspiring young web designer I had spent many tedious and frustrating hours scouring web design books or trying to reverse engineer a section of code from a web site I liked. It was time to get some real training! Enter Web Site Design I & II. During our training many dark mysteries of HTML, CSS, and other subjects were unraveled…Tables no longer, CSS opened a new world to me. I would be remiss to not directly commend to you Mr. Ritchie. He is intelligent, engaging, and a good teacher. The teacher makes or breaks the course, and Mr. Ritchie made it fun and productive. Whether you are a hobby webmaster or serious about making money in this field, the Web Design courses will be a rewarding investment." — John Lovette, 2007 participant

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I lived in a tourist town. People came from all over the world to visit Yosemite National Park – you had the Asians all crowded in the check out line (there were like 30 of them just between the cashier and the candy), the Germans, all bronzed and bleached (because they think we’ll assume they’re Californians that way, despite the visors and fanny-packs), the French, whom you’ll spot dissecting in the wine aisle (with indignant disgust, no doubt) and the hard-core New Yorkers, who move far too fast for the sequoia-hugging, granola-eating, bandana-wearing hippies who actually inhabit the small town. All these people. From all over the world. To see a place they’ve only heard of, and seen in pictures.
And after they’ve seen it for themselves, they’ll buy dozens of postcards – not because they didn’t have cameras (trust me, they do), but because the postcards just look so much better.

And I, as a young teenager, would buy those postcards. Not because I hadn’t seen Yosemite, but because those postcards were so beautiful. And something in me wanted to capture the same thing – the colors, the clarity, I wanted to capture the emotion on my own camera that I felt when I was looking at someone else’s by Anna Kraft

I.P.S. gave me the foundational tools I needed to do that.

The Institute in Photographic Studies is a group of God-fearing, people-loving individuals who give their all to pass on the vision of photography to their students through their 7-day courses.

IPS will challenge you Spiritually, Photographically, Mentally, and Socially.


When I went to my first course with IPS, I was surprised at the quality of their devotions, which they did as a group, in the morning during breakfast (done with so much reverence and love, that first morning I wondered if I’d accidentally signed up for a course on how to have Bible Studies). One of the leaders would simply select a passage of scripture, and we would take turns reading it, and the leader would discuss it, and there would be a time for prayer. I personally have been spiritually encouraged at every class I’ve gone to (I’ve been to five) – my faith has been strengthened, and my eyes have been opened in many ways.


Where can I even start? From the beginning to the end of every class, I am astonished at the difference I see in my photos. Perhaps the most marked difference for me began when I took the Portraiture & Lighting course – I saw photos in a completely different way. I learned to think outside the box, to take creative portraits – to analyze a situation, understand how I saw it, and to then capture that essence in a picture. I learned – and am still learning – how to not take “stupid” pictures. (In other words, you can’t turn off your mind and press the button!)

You will be tossed into a plethora of fun and excitingly diverse circumstances and get the opportunity to capture it on camera!


As you are challenged to think outside the box with your photography, you will find your mind stretching. You will observe details you had not noticed before, firmly grasping new concepts, and love every moment.


Every time I go to a class I have the opportunity to meet wonderful new people – not in an overwhelming way, but in a totally cool, down-to-earth, over-coffee kind of way. When I went to my first class I was 15. I was the social butterfly’s ugly step-sister; I was shy and miserable, and hardly a friend. But those wonderful people loved me anyway and made me feel perfectly at home. I have found myself stretching to new heights at every class, reaching out, and being the one who is reached out to.

In summary?

If you regret it, you can write me a hate letter. I give you permission.

Go to an IPS workshop. Be changed and change your world.

-Anna Kraft

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The 2010 Whatever It Takes! Singles Conference is now behind us. Here are a few responses we have received:

“Thank you for investing in our boys in Indy this past weekend. You guys are awesome!!!
All three were so grateful to have a place to go where Christ is glorified and practical help in solving sin issues was the norm. Thank you so much for being real and relatable.”


“I want to thank you for sacrificing your time and energy to do the singles conference! My life truly has changed from living in bondage of fear and unbelief which was the root of a lot of other sin in my life. I am AMAZED over and over at God’s amazing grace and how ‘my chains are gone and I’m set free. My God my God He ransomed me, and like a flood His mercies reigns, unending love, AMAZING grace! He is Forever mine!!!!’”


“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I attended the Singles Conference this past weekend and was blessed VERY much by it. :) It was definitely life-changing! 

Especially Saturday night, with the communion and everything…I have never before experienced something like that…it was truly amazing!!”


“This weekend was way more than I expected. God showed me so much about how to identify and break the chains of bondage and lies. It was a HUGE encouragement to meet other singles my age who share the same beliefs and values regarding Christ and relationships!

Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one, but now I know there are many more of like faith and we are continuing to keep in touch and support each other. Thank you, Paul and Jenny, for teaching us so much and bringing us together!”



“I remember meeting one young man when he was checking in. I asked him how he was doing. Surprisingly, he told me that if his life didn’t change this weekend, he was going to give up on Christianity. As I talked to him, I was able to recognize areas in which he was resisting God’s grace. We prayed together and I encouraged him to yield to God and grab hold of the grace being offered to forgive. On Saturday evening he came up to me with a glowing face and said he was free. God had shown him several areas where he was holding back from surrendering himself wholly to God. On Saturday he was finally able to surrender!  Strongholds were broken and those who were in bondage were set free. PTL!” -Paul & Jenny4

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Standing in a church lobby, I overheard two fathers talking:

Dad #1: Where is your son going to college?

Dad #2: Well, I went to UCLA but his mom graduated from USC. He hasn’t made up his mind yet which one he wants to attend.

And I thought, Is that all there is to it? Here are intelligent, godly men who simply assume that when Jim or Susie finishes finish high school, the next stop will be a four-year stay at the nearest university. No further questions asked!

Even in an association like ATI, where parents specialize in hands-on involvement with the training of their sons and daughters, you can still find families whose education planning consists solely in selecting the university where their son or daughter will spend the next four years.

God may lead some families to send their young people to university, but it is unwise to make such a decision without asking a lot of questions, asking the right questions.

Avoid the danger of tunnel vision.

When you look through a tunnel, you can see only a small circle of light. There is a broad landscape that’s just out of view because you are peering through the tunnel. Many families make poor choices about the post-high school years because they have limited themselves to looking through the tunnel of career and college. They look for a career when they could be searching for a calling. And they try to find a college when they might be considering a whole array of possible pathways.

1. Career vs. calling

God has a purpose for your life, and it includes far more than just your career. He has called us to glorify Him in every area of our lives: growing in Christ-like character, leaving the legacy of a godly family, making an impact for Christ’s kingdom. Your job is merely one aspect of God’s calling for you. Therefore, the “college” years are a time to grow in all areas. Luke 2:52 tells us that “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man” – not just in career skills!

2. College vs. multiple options.

Good stewardship requires that we explore all the creative alternatives available for gaining the training and experience that we will need to prepare for God’s calling. For some, a college degree is the best choice. For others, a combination of other training and learning experiences may be wiser. The wise parent checks all the options.

Four questions to ask before you head for college

For several years, I have used the following questions to help people get a broader view from God’s perspective when they make decisions about training after high school.

1. What is God calling me to do?

Scripture makes it clear that God calls every Christian to be holy, to make disciples (Matthew 28:19), to do good works. But He also calls each of us to glorify Him in specific ways. One person may become a pastor; another may care for orphans; still another may fix cars. One may proclaim Christ through music; another may share the gospel in quiet conversations. You may not know precisely what God has planned for you, but good planning begins when you ask, “How much do I understand about what God is calling me to do?”

2. Where am I now?

Once you know where you’re headed, take inventory and figure out where you are now. The Telos Institute International has published a Life Portfolio Workbook called Experience is a Great Teacher,. which takes you step by step through the process of recording what you have already learned from your life experiences. It’s encouraging to realize how much you’ve already learned!

3. What preparation do I need?

Look at God’s calling – where you want to end up – and your current life experience – where you are now. Then ask, “Where are the gaps between where I am and where I need to be?” Your answer might involve skills or knowledge or character. In any case, the list becomes your agenda for the next years of training.

4. Do I need a college degree? If so, what kind?

Only now are you ready to start making decisions about college. As you answer this question, remember that people go to college for two reasons – to learn something and to get a piece of paper. Consider those two aspects one at a time. First, do you need a professional credential to enter the field for which God has burdened you? To be a surgeon or an elementary school teacher, you probably do need the piece of paper. If you want to run the family farm or start your own company, that diploma will not mean as much. Second, what do you need to learn? Suppose you want to be a pastor – what do you need to know? What character do you need to develop? What skills are important? Once you have clarity about this question, you are in a much better to position to decide whether college is necessary for you. Perhaps you would benefit more from a vocational school or on-the-job training. Or God might lead you to devote part of your youth to single-minded service. There’s no hurry to enter the job market.

5. What specific program(s) should I choose, and when should I take each step?

Notice the (s) in this question! God may lead you to a series of experiences, rather than a single college. It might involve a foundation year of study in Bible and life principles through the Telos Institute, followed by a year of service, teaching character in the schools of Oklahoma City or teaching English in Taiwan. Then you might choose to finish a college degree with the help of Verity Institute or the International Ministerial Institute. There are more options available than most people ever dreamed. Take the time to research the possibilities and ask the Lord for guidance and creativity as you help your sons and daughters launch into adult life.

This series of questions is just part of BLP 080, a 5-week course in Personal Education Strategy offered by The Telos Institute International. For more information about this course, you may contact the Telos office at 317-923-7301 or

This article was adapted from a presentation by Dr. John Bechtle to a breakout session at the 2010 ATI Regional Conference in Indianapolis.

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A testimony from the 2009 National Bible Bee champion

$100,000! Really?!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I read that this amount of money was the prize for the first-place winner of the 2009 National Bible Bee. What would you do with $100,000? That’s an entire year’s salary if you earn $50 per hour!

Before long, I was consumed with a craving to attain the prize. I was willing to sacrifice my time, effort, and plans to win that $100,000. Then I sensed the Lord’s conviction: “Is money more valuable to you than my Word? Why is it that you didn’t have this excitement about memorizing before you heard of the prize?”

I began to see how misplaced my priorities were. Proverbs 8:11 says, “Wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.” If I truly value the wisdom of Scripture more than rubies, I should have a greater excitement for hiding God’s Word in my heart than for winning any monetary prize.

In the end I signed up for the competition with a new appreciation for the value of God’s Word and an entirely different goal than merely winning the prize money. I was in it to deepen my walk with the Lord—and if I won anything, it would just be icing on the cake!

Daniel Staddon

Adjusting My Priorities

To prepare, we were to study six books of the Bible and memorize nearly 1,500 Bible verses. I like figuring things out, and so I carefully calculated how much I needed to study every day in order to be ready in time. However, it wasn’t long before I began falling farther and farther behind schedule.

In desperation, I began thinking: “Would it be all right if I stopped spending as much time with the family? My younger brothers can do things without me for a while. Also, my morning prayer time isn’t that important, is it? After all, I am studying and memorizing the Bible, right?”

Again I sensed the Lord’s conviction about my priorities. He seemed to be asking me, “Are you going to put that prize above your relationships with me and others?” I remember closing my eyes and telling the Lord: “You know I am not going to be able to prepare like I hoped to, but I purpose to honor my relationships as a higher priority than winning the prize. This means I will not be perfectly ready, so Lord, if I do win, it is going to have to be a miracle of your doing.”

It was thrilling to see how my excitement in preparing came flooding back. Now I was not faced with the drudgery of all that I had to do every day, but rather I had the sense of racing to fit in as much as I possibly could. I was simply doing my best and entrusting the results to the Lord.

book Enduring the Tests

The day came when we heard that I had qualified for the national competition in Washington, D.C., and we started planning a family trip to attend the event.

After we arrived, I walked into the grand ballroom of the elaborate Marriott Hotel. Beautiful crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Bright lights illuminated the front stage. I thought: “I can never stand up there in front of all these people! I will die of stage fright!”

The following morning we launched into an intense day of oral and written tests, each one timed and proctored by judges. Because of the time limit, we had to say our verses quickly, but every word we missed meant that points were deducted from our total scores. The following afternoon only twenty-one contestants passed the semi-finals and advanced to the final competition, which lasted over five hours.

The competition intensified even more when we learned that there had been a tie in our age group (the seniors). I cannot explain what I felt as I stood on the main stage, knowing that one word could mean the difference between a $25,000 second-place prize and the $100,000 grand prize—one $75,000 word! I didn’t want it to end, yet I couldn’t stand another second of suspense. I had to keep reminding myself that I was in this for the Lord, not the money. That alone gave me inward peace.

After two grueling tie-breakers, they finally declared that three winners had been clearly identified. However, they wouldn’t announce the winners until after the banquet! That was the hardest meal I ever ate.

Recognizing Life’s True “Competition”

Finally, the moment came. They called the three winners onto the stage. First they announced the third-place winner. Cheers. Applause. Then second-place. More cheers. More applause. It began to dawn on me that I was the only one left!

As they handed me the gold trophy amid the roaring applause and flashing cameras, I remembered that these earthly rewards were nothing compared to the true treasures I had hidden within my heart. Those treasures will never fade or disappear with time. They will be with me for all eternity.

As my Dad likes to say, this was all just practice for the “real thing.” Will I continue to value God’s Word as I should? Will I continue seeking out the rich truths contained in each passage? Will I find the answers in Scripture that apply to the questions, situations, and difficulties I face every day? Will I keep the priority of my relationships with God and others far above personal goals? This “competition” began the day after the Bible Bee ended, and it will continue for the rest of my life.

—Daniel Staddon, age 19


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quest 2010 “59 students and 21 leaders learned together what it means to be a Christ-like man.”

God calls young men to be mature, following Him. Quest helps young men reject the myth of adolescence and choose to pursue Christ-like manliness. The most important aspect of maturity is a young man’s walk with God, and Quest focuses on developing habits for spiritual growth…

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It’s Time to Think about Telos for Fall 2010!

Applications for the Fall Semester are due July 15

It may seem as if fall is nowhere near, but the fall semester for The Telos Institute International is coming up sooner than you think! The deadline for early registrations at the lowest price is July 15. New students for college-level courses should also submit their applications by that date. If you are thinking of taking a course from Telos this fall, act now!

Application and registration forms are available on the Telos Website at For more information, call the Telos office at 317-923-7301.

Taking the Confusion Out of College Choices

When you are nearly through with your high school work, you and your family face some big decisions: What should I do next? How do I prepare for a career? Should I go to college?

It is easy to miss out on the best choices, simply because you have not asked the right questions or because you are unaware of some of the options available to you. The Telos Institute offers BLP 080, Personal Education Strategy to help you:
* Start in the right place, by considering God’s calling for your life.
* Ask the right questions, using a series of worksheets to take you through five questions that you must answer to make good choices about education.
* Discover the multiple pathways available to gain the training and recognition you need.

BLP 080, Personal Education Strategy, is an ideal way to build on the foundation laid in ATI’s Life Purpose Planning. BLP 080 is a five-week course for one semester hour of credit. Cost: $100.

NOTE: You can take advantage of a special discount on BLP 080, as well as our introductory Bible courses: BIBL 090, Survey of the Bible or BIBL 095, Methods of Bible Study. From now until July 31, you may register for one of these courses at the regular price of $100 and deduct up to $100 from the cost of your next Telos course. For more details and a downloadable registration form, go to the Telos Web site at you may contact The Telos Institute at 317-923-7301 or

Prepare to earn college credit through CLEP Exams

Thousands of students every year save time and money by earning college credit through exams offered by the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Telos has offered CLEP Preparation courses to help students prepare for the CLEP Exams in English Composition and in Social Sciences and History. This year we have introduced a new course to help you prepare for the CLEP Exam in Humanities.

In these courses, you will follow a flexible schedule, working with an experienced tutor to help you review the most important concepts, brush up on your weak spots, and become familiar with the exam. As you take practice exams, your tutor will customize an individual study plan for you, based on your specific areas of weakness. Students who take the English course will also write practice essays.

After completing these assignments, you will be able to approach the CLEP Exam with confidence.
Cost: English Composition – $200
Social Sciences and History – $100
Humanities – Introductory price – $100

For registration and information: The Telos Institute International
Phone: 317-923-7301
(Use the Preparatory Application to register.)

The Next Step After WBLA

Wisdom Book Language Arts (WBLA) blends spiritual insights with writing and language skills. Once your son or daughter completes Level C of the WBLA curriculum they should be ready to progress to the next level of excellence.

ATI recommends the Preparatory English courses from The Telos Institute as an effective way to build on the foundation you have laid in the WBLA curriculum. Telos offers two courses designed for students fourteen and older who want to build further confidence in their writing skills and prepare themselves to write at the level demanded in college-level programs.

ENGL 090 helps you correct any blind spots in grammar, builds habits of correct word usage and punctuation, and guides you in constructing effective paragraphs and essays. You will also work on typing speed and time management.

ENGL 095 begins with a grammar review, then provides ample practice in writing in various formats. You will also learn how to go step-by-step through the process of writing a research paper.

Schedule: Fifteen weeks
Registration deadline: July 29, 2010
Cost: $200 per course ($10 discount if you register by July 15)

For registration and information, contact The Telos Institute International.
Phone: 317-923-7301
Internet: (Use the Preparatory Application to register.)

NOTE: A discount package is available for students who register for both ENGL 095, English Preparatory II, and ENGL 096, English Review for CLEP. Contact the Telos office for details.

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